Which Common Household Cleaners Work Against the Coronavirus?

by Rolando Herrera - April 22, 2020

The world seemed to change in an instant as the new coronavirus began to spread, and severe measures were taken to help “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of the potentially deadly virus known as COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders resulted in you and your family shuttered inside, putting further emphasis on keeping your home clean and virus-free.

News and information in these unprecedented times move quickly, at times making it difficult to decide the proper way to go about your life and the best way to effectively clean your home to keep your family safe and healthy. As unpredictable and deadly as the new coronavirus can be, it is among the easiest types of viruses to kill.

The following are some household cleaners that are effective at killing the virus, as well as some that will not do the trick.

Household Cleaners to Use against Coronavirus

Soap and Water

Using soap and water works on your hands, and it will work on your household items. Like your hands, surfaces need to be scrubbed hard and long with soap and water to ensure the destruction of all lingering virus particles. The towel used to clean the surfaces needs to be discarded or soaked in soapy water.


With cleaning supplies running low in some areas, a mixture of water and bleach is an effective homemade disinfectant to kill coronavirus particles in your home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cleaning surfaces with a diluted mixture of one-third cup of bleach per one gallon of water, or four teaspoons of bleach per one quart of water. Always wear gloves and do not let the solution sit for more than a day, or it will begin to lose its effectiveness.

Disinfecting Sprays, Wipes

Disinfecting wipes and sprays continue to be as in high demand as toilet paper. There is a wide range of products of varying effectiveness, but they all work to some degree.

What NOT to Use against Coronavirus

There is a lot of incomplete and inaccurate information floating throughout the Internet as people scour for the most effective ways to keep the coronavirus at bay. It is highly recommended that you stay away from these home remedies.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

With store shortages and fears of stay-at-home orders lasting for months, it is tempting to try to make your own hand sanitizer. However, if you do not get the right mix of the right materials, you can harm yourself and those around you. It can also instill your family with a false sense of security if your home hand sanitizer is improperly mixed and ineffective at killing the virus.


Despite what many are sharing throughout social media, it does not have enough ethyl alcohol content to kill the new coronavirus.

Distilled White Vinegar

There have also been several articles circulating online that suggest the use of distilled white vinegar is an effective disinfectant that kills the virus, but there is no evidence in the scientific community to support the claim.

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