Tips to Keep Your Home Staying Clean Longer

by Rolando Herrera - February 25, 2020

Anyone with kids or pets knows just how hard it is to keep your home staying clean between professional cleanings. At times it feels like a full-time job; the moment you clean one area, another area needs attention. It is a never-ending cycle. Other than waiting for the kids to go off to college, there are things you can do to help prevent your home from becoming dirty sooner and making your hard cleaning work last longer.

The following tips are some simple ways to help keep your home staying clean longer:

Change Air Filters

Periodically changing the air filters in your home will go a long way to keeping the house clean and the quality of the air you breathe healthier. Air filters catch the nasty stuff that flies through your air duct systems that you do not want to be flowing through your home’s air stream. The longer you wait to swap out the filters, the more dirt and dust will build up and the harder your HVAC system will have to work. It is a simple task that takes seconds but can have a major effect on the cleanliness of your home. Set a calendar reminder if you have to.

Groom Pets Outdoors

Your pets are beloved members of your family, but that can be messy! From dander to nasty eating habits, family pets can dirty up your home even more than the kids (as hard as that may be to believe!). Grooming and brushing your dog or cat’s coat outside will prevent their fur from flying freely throughout the home.

Tend to the Garage

Another common way dirt gets from the outside to the inside of your home is through the garage. It may seem like your garage is kind of a midway free zone that is neither inside nor outside. However you classify it, garages are ideal collectors and gathers of dirt and dust that can be easily distributed throughout the inside of your home. Regular sweeping and cleaning will help prevent the dirt from making its way into the home.

Got to be the Shoes

The biggest offender of tracking dirt and grime into your home is shoes. Wearing shoes inside that have been worn outside will leave traces of the outdoors throughout your home. Putting a shoe basket at your home’s entrance and having everyone remove their shoes before entering will prevent a lot of dirt from being spread out in every room.

Clean Under Furniture

If you fail to get down and clean underneath your bigger furniture items, you are not really cleaning. The dirt will remain under your couch and affect the air quality of the room almost as much as if you did not clean at all. Wrangling up the dust bunnies hiding out of reach beneath the furniture will slow down the process of dirtying up the room after you clean.

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